Inner Alchemy

Inner Alchemy

through the holistic synergy of Becca and Gabriela, is in loving dedication to the maturation and evolution of human beings, to our fullest potential, in sovereignty and in service to our beloved Mother Earth.

In this time of rapid change and massive global distortion and destruction, our responsive action is to provide healing to the deepest roots of the problem.  We believe this to reside in the individual psyches of each human in our global human family, which collectively carries a massive trauma of disconnection and fear.   As within, so without.

Co-Founders Becca & Gabriela

Becca Nature girl

My name is Rebecca Young Allen and I am dedicated to helping others love themselves as they are, while releasing the negative beliefs and traumas of being human, to find their own path of emergent flow and positive relational connection to Self, Nature and Spirit in the new paradigm.  I am ordained inter-faith clergy, spiritual and emotional healer and guide, a certified Focusing practitioner and teacher, community builder/weaver, mother of 3 grown children, nature lover, gardener and homesteader.

Gabriela RomeroIt is my deepest intention to collaborate with others who are helping to create a new human legacy for the world. My passion is program creation, focused on inner awareness practices, and guidance sessions- these soul-based connections are foundational to dispelling hurtful beliefs, and returning to a new story of compassion, empowerment and harmony that is possible within each of us. In service to this, I use creative wisdom-solutions gathered from my professional experience, dedicated inner work and native lineage practices. It is with gratitude and joy that I look forward to co-creating with you.

The Inner Alchemy Code supports rapid healing and transformation, helping others claim healed, aligned human sovereignty and a more joyful experience of life.

As awakening humans, we are learning to take responsibility for creating our lives with love,  as we consciously engage with every wave of challenge that rolls through. Inner Alchemy is here to help! Explore a few of the primary elements of the Code that you’ll experience in our many offerings
the inner world

Your Inner World

Your inner world is a rich ocean just waiting for your exploration. The journey Within reveals the depths of your being, the infinite possibility of the imaginal realms and is the adventure of a lifetime!

free will

Agency: your greatest inheritance

When we discover we have full agency to direct the flow our lives, suddenly anything is possible as we learn we are the creators of the experience of our lives.

Living in the Flow

How can words like allowing, unfolding, receiving, flowing, magic, and surrender be embodied and expressed to bring greater joy to your life? Learn to surf life's many waves rather than fighting or resisting the energy that moves through.

experience joy everyday

Joy as a Way of Life

What if your baseline experience of life was Joy? Learning to harvest wisdom from all the cycles of life, allows us to find joy hiding even in the darkest corners.

These values are the foundation of the Inner Alchemy Code: sovereignty, flow, truth, agency, inner work, freedom, beauty, gratitude, collaboration, joy, embodiment, evolution/growth/learning, positive focus, philanthropy, alignment, resilience, deep relationship with the self, the land and with spirit in all form.

Using a variety of tools and processes to address everything from deep trauma to life coaching, one on one work with Becca or Gabriela is powerful and rewarding.

Whether at the beginning, middle or ending of a relationship, the intersection between 2 human beings in intimate connection is a sacred mirror in which each person sees both their gifts and wounds reflected in the other.  When a decision has been made to end a  relationship or marriage, untangling from one another energetically is essential if one is to move on to other healthy relationships following the break-up.

Our Intuitive Energy Healing sessions support your transformation of body, mind and spirit, helping you access your higher wisdom and address the everyday concerns of earthly life with greater clarity.


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