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About Inner Alchemy

Becca and Gabriela help guide your business to inner discover and growth

Becca and Gabriela are a magical dynamic duo of free will adventurers!  The synergy of our very different energies (water and fire) create the unique medicine we have to offer this world in the time of this great transition.  Everything we share is a result of our embodied experience of living what we offer and directing our free will in unusual ways. We are not trying to fit into a world view of any previous form; we are living a new perspective from the inside out.  It is simply our perspective and is a table set with many dishes for you to sample.  Try whatever you like and enjoy!

Inner Alchemy is our creative response to a prayer we hear for the re-awakening of humanity to our greatest potential and right relationship with the earth.  This prayer first arrived with the inspiration of our first Inner Alchemy project, our phone app called MagiMojiIt is through the creation of this app that Becca and Gaby learned how to do business in the feminine, with devotion, flow, beauty, joy, love and ceremony punctuating every step.   MagiMoji was designed to send a magical prayer for the awakening of humanity to the far reaches of the planet, as images of beauty, sacred geometry, and nature are sent via text.

Magimoji is a tap on the shoulder, the light invitation to awaken to our true selves.  The work of Inner Alchemy is to go much deeper and wider with a grounded and multidimensional message about coming alive. The play of Inner Alchemy happens through body, mind and spirit, in relationship to the cycles of the earth and the flow of all things.

Learn to harvest the abundance of wisdom these desperate times of shadow and pain offer, for abundance is here in the spaces between the fear and pain.  The pain is great, as we are in a great period of dying on the planet.  With the Inner Alchemy Code we learn to harvest from the hard times and the greater the pain, the greater the potential energy return to us as we be with what is and learn.  It can be a bitter meal and hard to digest in the beginning, but as we grow more capacity to feel and be with those feelings, the hard times can move through like a quick wave, rather than a whirlpool that keeps us stuck in suffering without growth.

It is not about rules or external law.  It is about what is possible when we each have our own inner alignment and inner harmony, then we attune to Natural Law, in which we are our beautiful unique selves aligned in conscious relationship to the web, to the whole gorgeous whole of this earth.  This is a lived perspective we have known before in our evolution as humans but has atrophied to the point of invisibility.  We have been conditioned not to see/feel/know our individual superpowers and the superpowers of our connection, for we are dangerously free when we know ourselves in this way.  We do not need the external laws once we are living by the natural laws of our being.  This is what the Code re-awakens within us.  Our deepest knowing.

As we hear the wake-up call from our deepest and highest selves, we reconnect with our innocence and child self who is full of wonder, play and curiosity.  We can bring this child self into our many adult adventures in the ebb and flow of this life we dream into creation.

Our Intention

The Inner Alchemy Code
Is a web of values
With rivers and tides of practices
We spiral through.
With each spiral
We grow and deepen our sovereignty
As we access our gifts and power
In ways we never expected.
With each spiral
we brighten and strengthen
And in doing so
we nourish the whole.
It is our greatest act of philanthropy
To give back to the planet in this way.

As within, so without.

The Code
is a prayer
And a dream
And a song
And a blessing
And a spell
And a forgotten language.

Each Value has a branching set of tools and practices that enable you to embody that value in your own life, in whatever order emerges and unfolds for you.

Every spiraling journey is unique
as every human is unique.
Frequently it is difficult to see your own path
until you look behind you
and see the steps you have taken
by saying yes
to what each moment offers.

It is the pathless path.

The Code emerges through a treasure hunt trail of synchronicities, as we name what we are experiencing, choosing and seeing around us in our lives.

It comes through a willingness to FEEL everything.
It comes through conscious harvesting from all life has to offer.
It comes through from being in deep relationship with the unknown.
It comes through connection and collaboration with others, with our teachers, allies and friends.
It comes through an open heart in alignment with mind, body and spirit.
It comes through direct and loving relationship with the body.
It comes through deep relationship with nature.
It comes from living in the feminine.


Connect with us

Becca Nature girl

About Becca, Inner Alchemy Founder

My name is Rebecca Young Allen and I am here in service to the evolution and transformation of human beings during this powerful era of Great Change. I am dedicated to helping others love themselves as they are, while releasing the negative beliefs and traumas of being human, to find their own path of emergent flow and positive relational connection to Self, Nature and Spirit in the new paradigm.

Everything I offer, I have lived and experienced in my own coming-alive process by following the pathless path of saying YES to everything, including every hard time and dark-night-of-the-soul along the way. It is from this welcoming everything that grounded joy as a way of life can truly emerge. I am ordained inter-faith clergy, spiritual and emotional healer and guide, a certified Focusing practitioner and teacher, community builder/weaver, mother of 3 grown children, nature lover, gardener and homesteader.

Gabriela Romero

About Gabriela, Guide| Strategist | Educator

I have chosen a path of heart, mind, awareness and service to others. It is an honor to share this medicine of clarity, healing and new vision. Through teaching and energy sessions, I am in loving dedication to inspire and un-earth the soul-heart-body connection we all uniquely posses.
I offer high -level social/ emotional & intelligence tools to serve as the foundation for empowered, resilient and fluid transition into many ‘threshold’ moments of life.

Combining Emotional Intelligence with Strategy is my passion and I co-create with powerfully aligned intention, partnering with individuals and organizations with the foresight to evolve practices for the benefit of their success.