Inner Alchemy


Collaborating with Inner Alchemy:  The Magic of Working Together!

We have been seeing and feeling a great wave of global collaboration, between Inner Alchemy and many teachers who we find through synchronicity.  We call it Connecting the Nodes.

We want to join hands and hearts with others who are sharing similar intentions to support the awakening process in the planet.  We believe in the web of connection, that we can’t nor should we even try to do it alone.  We are here to support, uplift, synergize and most of all PLAY with each other!  Our collaboration is offered as a grand game of creative play and expression.  How does the note of your song harmonize with the note of our song?  Let’s sing and play together in a way that spreads each of our messages/teachings/offerings farther and brings multidimensional abundance with more ease and flow than could ever happen alone.

As we collaborate with each other as humans, we also collaborate and play and create with the spirits of the land, with the angelic beings of earth and sky, and every spirit we are in relationship to.  For we are not alone as human beings!  We are resourced from earth and heaven and Beings of many dimensions are here to help.   Our work is a part of a VERY large network of others, all hearing the same song/prayer/dream and we hold hands with the many, rather than the few.  It is a great magical working we are a part of and all we need to do is our own part, following our bodies, or passion, our joyful expression of being this unique human.

Our Collaborators:

    Winnie Johnson is the creator of Connect Starr  website and Online Spiritual Community which is generously hosting Inner Alchemy classes. After experiencing her first spiritual awakening and doing research she found that there was an overwhelming  wealth of information out there from spiritual teachers, coaches, mentors, psychics and mediums, and just other people from the awakening who really are passionate and have great love and information to share. Although the information is spread all around the internet there wasn’t a place for her to go and ask questions , get feedback, share a thought or meet and connect with someone like herself. So through support and guidance from the divine, family, and loved ones, She started on her own spiritual journey to open another channel of support  that may be useful to others during the awakening process.


JennyJenny Katz-Brandoli is the genius artist and designer who created MagiMoji with us and was our first collaborator. She is the co-creator of the music improvisation program ; you can also stream her music on spotify or download it at It is through the creation of the MagiMoji app that we learned how to do collaborative business through the feminine, with prayer, flow, beauty, joy, love and ritual punctuating every step. MagiMoji was designed to send a magical prayer for the awakening of humanity to the far reaches of the planet, as images of beauty, sacred geometry, and nature are sent via text.

ThereseTherese Jornlin  is the creator of Women Awake, a depth course in women’s health of body, mind and spirit. For over 25 years, she has worked in the field of holistic health as an educator, a transformational coach and practitioner of therapeutic bodywork. Using all that she has gleaned from the east, the west, and her own inner journey, she shares fundamental teachings and techniques to help awaken your capacity to heal yourself, to steady your mind, to be in communion and community, to activate your unique potential in the world and to practice loving without end. Therese will be teaching her in-depth course called “Women Awake” at the Inner Alchemy Homestead beginning in Fall 2018. You can see her Ted Talk here, and visit her site here.