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Spring 2019 : Video Audio Series

Inner Alchemy Life Codes for Well-being

In a video/audio series, Becca and Gabriela offer  introductory messages on subjects such as grounding/rooting, the power of gratitude, welcoming everything, shadow work, agency and sovereignty, the feminine and masculine within, being vs doing, and living with cycles and seasons.


Each 15 minute video/audio will be released weekly for 8 weeks beginning 4/10/2019 at

Summer 2019 : Wolf Heart Plants: Franklin County Jail Initiative

.Wolf Heart Plants is a community effort, led by Gabriela, to dismantle the mythology of the Lone Wolf – the story that we are alone and that those that live on the edges of society are not welcome or wanted. The men and women that are incarcerated are separated from the Natural world, the beauty, nourishment, and comfort it offers.  Special and safely selected plants will be gifted to a group of inmates at Franklin County Jail, with the intention that these plants carry the messages of healing and the joy of connecting to the Earth from our heart. Creating a new story for all humans, that we are not alone and always part of the whole, no matter the life journey, is the core of this initiative. 

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Past Workshops

Inner Alchemy: Foundational tools for well-being in difficult times

A FREE online class in collaboration with

The experiential Inner Alchemy Code offers wide-ranging tools for powerful and aligned well-being of body, mind and spirit, especially for the most difficult times.This 5 class series led by Rebecca Allen and Gabriela Romero is interactive and experiential will support you to know “thy self” and find the path to your deeper purpose. We will be working with the living content from the participants in the class and have many processes, tools, and methods to offer; we will direct the content based on what is most needed by those who join us.   Class dates are 1/19, 2/2, 2/16, & 3/2,  from 11am-12pm CST.  

The New Story Festival, hosted by The Graduate Institute

with Dr. Chris Martenson, Economic Researcher, Futurist, and Econo-Blogger
Charles Eisenstein, Philosopher and Author
Becca Martenson, Community Builder, Healer and Teacher


Workshop at Rowe Conference Center: Developing Your Emotional and Social Capital