Inner Alchemy

I left the session with Gabriela and Becca feeling lighter and more expanded, having released things I didn’t even know I was holding. 


The healing Gaby and Becca did for me has been life changing. The releasing, letting go and expansion I experienced is massive and I feel the affects of it every day.
My heart is wide open. I am feeling so much compassion and gratitude. I feel connected deeply and directly to my Authentic Self.


 I always felt comfortable and safe in your hands and care. Love if you will, in a deep fashion, cared for, in my  soul, mind heart, and body.  The level of your clarity is new to me and unusual in my experience, very welcomed and assuring. 

A. M.

Intuitive Etheric Healing Sessions

“The basis of all true healing is a shift in consciousness so powerful that it alters not only the mind but eventually the soul and physiology as well.” 

Becca and Gabriela’s Intuitive Etheric Healing sessions support the transformation of body, mind and spirit,  facilitating access to your higher wisdom and address the everyday concerns of earthly life.

 We work in collaboration with our many Spirit allies as well as your own guides and helpers, in service to your highest and clearest expression of Self. As a part of your session, we begin with channeling as well as tarot and oracle card reading, to help guide the journey.

Elements that may emerge during your session

  • Integration of soul parts that were “lost” during the traumatic experiences of being human
  • Clearing away “debris” and repair damages to your energy field;
  • Reactivating and nourishing de-energized parts of your body
  • Identifying and clearing unhealthy cords and soul contracts you may not know are present
  • Connecting you to your deepest soul and highest purpose

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