Inner Alchemy

Elegant, intelligent emojis that change the way you connect

MagiMoji is a visual language of elegance and intelligence. An emoji app of nearly 700 images, MagiMoji lets you speak your heart to friends, family, loved ones, and even strangers across the globe.

The emojis come in 20 categories, such as Mandalas, Animals, Crop Circles, Human Bodies, Nature Photos, and original Verb Glyphs.

When the inspiration for MagiMoji arrived, it came in the form of a prayer for the awakening of humanity:

For we believe humans are sovereign beings of love, with the capacity to live in deep, nourishing communion with each other, nature and spirit in all forms. We are meant to live meaningful lives that express and offer our unique gifts to the world.

Our intention is that MagiMoji spread across the far reaches of our beautiful earth home, carrying the frequency of love, beauty and consciousness, and the message that we are the creators of our existence.

May all of us who feel the call be awakened to our own inner power and self-love. May we be inspired to immediately and gently shed anything that impedes the flow of our deepest gifts and power. May we connect to the energy of the earth and the heavens and feel abundant resources from above and below. May we immediately choose actions that are aligned with our gifts and in harmony with the web of all life. May we feel the deepest heart throb-ache of embodied overflowing gratitude for every magnificent expression of life on this earth. May we see and feel the patterns of sacred geometry all around us, in every leaf and web and crack of thunder and wash of tears, and remember the essential truth of our being. May we see through the illusion of the current unbalanced collective reality, and choose a different path, in THIS moment, now. 

It is time.