Inner Alchemy

One-on-one work

with Becca or Gabriela

Together we take a high altitude look at your life.  What are your values and how are you creating a life that expresses these values?  Would you like to experience joy, flow, agency and sovereignty, or any other the other values of Inner Alchemy?  If so, we can guide you to the roots of the inner realms where your beliefs are encoded and stored.  Here we do the healing work needed to bring in the positive beliefs and values that you most desire.  

Traditional one-on-one work:

We work one-on-one with people during all the changes and challenges life brings. In addition to Focusing (see below), we use shamanic practices such as soul retrieval, past life work,  ancestral healing and soul re-contracting. 

We also  support individuals to create meaningful rituals (see below) to support their life changes. Because we are all traumatized by the very nature of the cultural socialization process, much of our focus is on healing trauma.

 Clients experience more freedom, lightness, and clarity. Self-awareness and self-acceptance blossom; you will learn to navigate even the most challenging situations with a sense of groundedness and grace.


The foundation of Focusing is a welcoming, curious attitude to all parts of the self, the parts we both approve and disapprove of. It is a practice. It is very simple, and frequently not easy. The tight throat, the shallow breathing, the one who is terrified, the barrier that blocks all feeling, the critic who chastises us for every wrong move, the knot in the stomach, the one who believes she doesn’t deserve love, the grief that threatens to swallow us whole, the fluttering anxiety, the one who judges and wants revenge- every single aspect is treated with the same welcoming, curiosity and fundamental respect. There is a valid reason for each part to exist, and I am open to hear what each aspect has to say. Everyone is welcome at the table.

We don’t judge. We simply say hello, hello, hello! IF there is an aspect that feels too scary, too evil, too something and one cannot welcome it, we take a step back and welcome the aspect of ourselves that cannot welcome the fear. It’s okay! Here we are, just as we are.

We sit with radical presence with every aspect, listen, wonder with curiosity, and we practice our willingness and capacity to JUST BE with the physical sensations that come along for the ride. Even if they feel like they might tear us apart. Yes, there it is, hello to that tearing sensation. I am willing to feel you. I agree not to try and fix, control, manipulate, shame, judge, isolate, denigrate or violate these parts of myself.

This being human is hard, especially in a culture that inflicts and models shame so relentlessly. We all experience great suffering throughout the course of our lives. No one is immune. But any socialization, even in an idealized family, community and culture, welcomes and admire some aspects of the self, and disapproves of other aspects. It is just a part of the process and every human on the planet goes through it. We are split into approved of and disapproved of- the approved attributes become the conscious personality and the disapproved becomes the unconscious unseen material. We may not see the unconscious material, but it has a major role in the experience of our lives- it plays out in every relationship and in the very creation of our reality. AS Jung said, “Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will rule our lives and we will call it fate.”

We all want to be good- to be better- to fix what feels broken or wrong or shameful or out of alignment. We think, if I just do THIS, I won’t have to feel THAT. If make myself ‘better’, then I will receive the love and belonging I yearn for. We want to run from what feels bad. Do something! Fix it!

We live in a culture that celebrates Doing and Fixing. And this implies that we KNOW how to fix it — that we know where we are supposed to be, and what to do. But so much of this impulse to fix it comes from a deep feeling of “not enough”- and so the driver for the action is the wound. And frequently, the actions the wound chooses, reinforce the pain and trauma; somehow the wound calls in yet another experience that affirms the truth of the negative belief

Simple presence, rather than doing, sits with the wound, welcomes it, is curious about it.  Tell me about yourself, the presence says.  I want to know you deeply.  This presence opens a door that was invisible before.  It creates the room, the openness, the allowing, for a shift to occur.  It doesn’t ask or demand a shift- and its presence creates the container in which movement is possible.  And we never know what it will be!  It is the dance with the divine.  We agree to suspend our need to know, and magic happens.  


Working with people to create meaningful ceremony marking the important passages of their lives is a honor and a joy. While my own training and ordination is in earth-based spirituality, I can work within the context of whatever your religious or spiritual tradition. 

Possible ceremonies include:

    • Weddings
    • Death services
    • Coming of age rituals
    • Queening ceremony
    • Ceremonial divorce
    • Seasonal ceremony — solar or lunar
    • Ritual for personal life events
    • Baby Blessings
    • House blessings and clearings