Inner Alchemy


The Inner World

the inner world

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~Carl Jung

Many people have not explored the inner world and the imaginal realm.  The inner world, accessed through connection with the body, holds every memory and experience of our lives.  In order to access our agency, we must make the inner journey to bring healing and wholeness to ourselves. 

We are born whole. We are also born relationally dependent. For our very survival, we must learn early on how to be in good relation with our caregivers: our parents, our family, our larger culture. This process is called socialization. And in the socialization process we learn that some parts of ourselves are acceptable, wanted, and celebrated, while other parts of ourselves are judged as bad, shameful, and wrong. We quickly learn how to suppress, hide, deny and even forget about those “unacceptable” parts. 

One of the most powerful gifts we can give ourselves, as adults, is to learn to welcome all aspects of who we are—especially these difficult, dark, unwanted parts. When we begin to unpack ourselves, we discover a great deal of value here, a great deal of power we didn’t know about. Precisely because of this hidden power, if we don’t choose to consciously examine our unconscious material in this way, it will express in our lives through self-sabotage and detrimental patterns of behavior. 

This work can be challenging in the beginning. But each dark part carries unique gifts that will be a powerful benefit to you. As these parts are welcomed and listened to, they then integrate and you become more whole and alive.

We have many tools to help you navigate the inner realms which will have a powerfully positive impact on your experience of your life.